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A result of dots (dust), bubbles and wrinkles belongs to the past when you choose Budget Blinder Service for installing your window film.

The quality of the end result ultimately depends on the person who monitors the window film. We also provide you with the right advice regarding appearance and legal requirements.

When mounting, use the best American window film: SunTek. The mechanic is "SunTek" certified. From this point of view, he ensures that all windows without air bubbles and wrinkle free from one piece are tinted within the RDW NORMEN.

Budget Blinder Service offers a 10-year warranty on assembly errors and SunTek has a scratch-resistant coating and offers a 10-year guarantee for life. That's why SunTek is made by selected dealers.

Budget Blinder Service is such a processor and is specially trained to make this extremely thin material professionally available.
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